Best Drum Head For Cheap Drums, 7 Top Options to Consider

Drum heads are the surfaces on the bottom and top of any drum. They can also be regarded as a drum skin. Nowadays, a lot of drum head for drums are produced using plastics such as polyester or a mix. They can be struck with hands, mallets, or sticks to produce vibrations and sounds. However, there is a need for replacement when it tears or you are just not feeling the sound that comes from it.

The drum head has the greatest influence on how your drum will sound. The major problem that comes with changing drum heads is getting the best drum heads for your particular sound needs without much stress.

It is worth noting that there are different types of drum head for different drum types. Before getting a drum head though, you should be sure that the drum head you are getting will match your drum rims.

Below are some of the best drum head for cheap drums with a detailed explanation of how they sound, their features, design as well as their pros and cons.

  1. Remo Ambassador Coated Drum Head

Remo Ambassador Coated Drum head is one of the most popular drum heads in the world. Remo brand itself is a well-known brand that is known for producing quality drum heads. This drum head produces an open, bright and sonorous sound.

Remo Ambassador Coated Drum Head - 12 Inch
  • Industry standard for live and studio
  • Warm, open tones
  • Medium, one-ply 10-mil Mylar Film

It works so well for genres like jazz, pop and blues. It has a very warm tone due to its coating and does not require hard playing. The interesting thing is that they are also readily available in sizes 6-40; the exact reason they fit into many drums

Also, due to its durability, it can be used by both beginners and experienced drummers and will still give them their desired sound. These drum heads are made with a 1-ply 10-mil coated film, this is the reason for its thinness. So, if you are using this drum head, it should be used for genres that do not require tough playing. Although, it does not mean that it can’t be used for advanced drumming as this drum head is a top-notch drum head.

They provide clear volume and clarity for different applications, but they are better suited for Tom, Bass, Batter and Resonant Applications. Even with their quality, they are still very affordable. If you are looking for that drum head that will give you an excellence response and a brilliant bright sound, Remo Ambassador Coated Drum head is your best bet.


  • Good sounding and durability
  • Cheap
  • Available in different sizes for different drum heads
  • Perfect drum head for any style of playing


  • Unlike before, they no longer last long.
  • The coating comes off easily


  1. Evans G2 Coated Tom Pack

If you are not so sure of the kind of drum head you want, why not try Evans G2 Coated Drum head. They are one of the best drum head you can work with. With this drum head, you are assured of consistency and durability. They work very well for all music genre applications.

Evans ETP-G2CTD-S, Pack of 3 sandblasted...
  • Standard tom pack (12",13", 16") drum heads made using two plies of 7mil film
  • Two plies offer consistency and durability for longer playing time
  • Very versatile head for all music genre applications, a true working drummer's choice

The Evans G2 standard coated drum heads, are perfect for drummers that do not have a particular genre they play to. They are embedded with proper attack and feel you will need to handle any genre.

They provide a warm tone and also add depth to a different kind of music. Their 2-ply drum of 7 mil film heads makes them resist wear and also enable them to withstand the beating. The coated version of this drum head produces excess warmth, focus and depth. You can also find these drum head in the uncoated version. These drum heads are manufactured designed and engineered in the USA from the finest and quality material. No doubt, these drum heads are the best.

These tom packs come in 3 different packs, and each park has 3 various sizes. The Standard pack has sizes 12”, 13”, and 16”. The Rock pack comes in size 10”, 12”, and 16”. The third pack which is the Fusion pack comes in size 10”, 12”, and 14”. No matter the kind of music you like and play, Evans G2 coated Tom pack will never disappoint you.


  • The coating lasts for a long time
  • Highly durable
  • Good sounding and also tunes well
  • They do not give flat punches
  • A versatile drum head


  • They don’t have a response at very low playing volume.
  1. Aquarian Super Kick II SKII22

This is another best-seller drum head from Aquarian. This drum head is one of the top bass drums on the market. They produce a punchy and low sound that does not require any need for muffling. They will also give you a big, dry sound with little or no overtones.

Aquarian SKII22 Super Kick Series - 22 inch -...
  • Aquarian Super Kick II Bass Head
  • Twin Ply Medium Weight Bass Head
  • Clear Head with narrow felt muffling ring

This is a perfect bass drum head for drummers. It doesn’t matter the type of genre you play to or how skilled you are, this drum head is the best for you. They are available in different sizes; 16”, 18”. 20”, 22”, 24”, and 26”. Aquarian drum head will give you an immediate sound that produces the right pitch required without the need for any extras in the drum.

Without a doubt, this drum head is one of the best drum heads for a bass drum. Embedded in this drum head is a felt muffle ring that produces a low-end and well-refined punchy sound. They are also made with two plies of clear 7 mil film. It is responsive and has slightly more sustain. The durability of this drum head cannot be left unsaid. If you are looking for a durable and awesome drum head, this drum head is an excellent choice.


  • Produces low-end and refined sound
  • Available in different sizes
  • Very affordable


  • There is no resonant tone


  1. Remo Ambassador Hazy Snare Side Drum Head

This is another awesome product from the Remo brand. This drum head produces an open resonant tone that gives this product established popularity. They are made with a 1 single-ply 3-mil Mylar. Hazy Ambassador heads are medium-weight drum heads that give an accurate balance of different frequencies for various kind of snare drum.

Evans S14H30 Snare Side Hazy 300 14-inch...
  • BEST SELLING SERIES: The Evans Clear 300 Snare Side Drumhead features a single ply of 3mil film...
  • LEVEL 360 TECHNOLOGY: A Level 360 collar allows the clear snare side drumhead to seat itself...
  • AVAILABLE IN 6 SIZES: In addition to the 14”, Evans clear 300 snare side drumheads are...

However, this drum does not require the use of drum sticks.

They are perfect drum head for both studio and live performance. They are readily available in sizes 8”-16”. This drum does not require tough heating because it is thin. Nevertheless, this drum will still make your tone sound better. Besides, they are specially made for snare drums. They work very well for snare drum thereby giving your tone more resonance. It is not the best drum head for beginners because they do not need anyhow or rough playing.

Also, this drum head is tunable and can be called Timbale drumhead. For advanced drummers, this is the perfect head for your drum.


  • Provides a fatter and more open sound
  • Perfect snare head for all types of drum
  • Highly durable
  • Amazing quality and sound


  • Does not work well with a drum stick


  1. Evans EMAD2 Clear Bass Drum Head, 22”  

Regardless of the type of music you play, blues, rock, metal or country; Evans EMAD2 clear bass head drum is a perfect drum head for every drummer. Its versatile system makes it an option for all drummers. This drum allows you to control the attack due to its removable foam damping ring.

Evans EMAD2 Clear Bass Drum Head, 22” –...
  • EMAD SYSTEM– The Evans Clear Bass Drum Head has an externally mounted adjustable damping...
  • LEVEL 360 TECHNOLOGY – A Level 360 collar allows the clear bass drum head to seat itself...
  • AVAILABLE IN 5 SIZES – Evans EMAD2 clear bass drum heads are available in sizes 18” to...

No doubt, this drum head is one of the best drums on the market. The thin foam ring of this drum head allows for punch and focus without resonance being left out. Also, the wider and thicker foam ring helps to maximize the attack and low-end of any bass drum whatsoever. For durability sake, this drum head has a superficial ply of 7mil and also an inner ply of 10 mil film

Due to its 360 technology, they are much easier to tune and also give you the widest tonal range. This 360 technology application also allows this drum head to seat itself very well. They are available in different sizes and in turn, fit into most drums. They also produce a sound that is well refined like the studio sound.

Overall, these drum heads are produced from the USA and manufactured from the best material, this, in turn, results in its consistency and popularity. With Evans EMAD2 drum head, you can achieve any sound you are looking for.


  • It has an adjustable damping system that helps to control thumps and focus of the drum
  • Durable and sounds great
  • Easy to tune
  • 2 different muffling ring


  • The smaller foam ring does not stay on the head


  1. Evans UV2 Coated Drum head, 14”

This is another versatile drum head from Evans. They are manufactured in such a way that they can withstand any form of rough beating or handling. Its patented UV defence helps to discard any unwanted flaking and chipping.

Evans B14UV2 UV2 Coated Drumhead, 14 Inch
  • Patented UV-cured coating provides unmatched durability and consistency
  • Made from 2 plies of reinforced 7mil film
  • Offers increased attack and durability over other 2 ply heads

The UV-cured coating technology of this drum head provides durability and also consistency. This UV-cured coating technology of this drum head has reduced the way drummers worry about worn out coatings, chipping, flaking and any other deformities.

Asides the ultraviolet curable coating innovation, this drum head also have the level 360 technology. This technology allows for the extension of the level playing surface. The level playing surface wraps about 360 degrees. They are made from 2 plies of reinforced 7mil film. The level 360 technology also accounts for its easy tuning and wider tonal range.

It also has a vertical collar design that allows for great contact with the corner of the drum shell which in turn creates an accurate level fit. If you are a drummer that needs a drum head that can enhance your tone, this is one of the best drum head you can consider getting.


  • A patented ultraviolet curable coating innovation that provides consistency and durability
  • Great tone and super easy to tune
  • Gives a variety of sounds
  • Very easy to install


  1. Evans EC2 Clear Drum Head

For years now Evans has been known for innovative designs and quality products. They are still in the business of manufacturing top-notch drum head. This is another wonderful product from Evans. This drum head has a sound-shaping technology that provides dampening to each head. They can balance attack and tone for each size.

Evans EC2 12, 13, 16 inch Standard Tom Pack -...
  • Standard tom pack (12", 13", 16") drum heads are made using two plies of 7mil film
  • Two plies offer consistency and durability for longer playing time
  • Exclusive sound shaping technology (sst) provides the ideal amount of dampening tailored for...

With its great tonal range, you are assured of high levels of resonance and responsiveness. The level 360 features allow for easier tuning and quality of sound. It also allows you to tune your drums high, medium or low. Furthermore, the level 360 feature provides both strength and stability at the point where the film meets the hoop. This drum is made from 2-ply of 7 mil film; this is the reason for its durability and consistency.

They are manufactured and designed in the USA in coated version to give a special and transparent appearance. The coated version of this drum head provides additional warmth as well as depth. These drum heads are hands down one of the best drum heads you can work with


  • Provides more sustain and attack
  • Excellent value for money
  • Perfect drum head for cheap drum; kills overtone easily
  • Great tone and volume

How to Choose a Drum Head for Your Drum

Enhancing how your drum sounds will depend on the quality of your drum head. So, making the right and best choice of drumheads is important. When your drumheads are worn out or if you have just bought a new drum set, the preinstalled drumheads are sometimes low quality, so changing the drumhead is the quickest way to ensure that your drums sound their best.

You might have heard that there is a particular drumhead that is the best compared to the others. As the list above shows, a drum head that works for one drummer will be quite different from the best one for another. This is because drummers don’t have the same taste, they don’t have the same style of music, they don’t strike drums the same way and so on.

So it all comes down to your taste when choosing a drumhead.

What to Look Out for When Choosing Drumheads


This is the major factor in deciding the drumhead to choose. The drumhead sound covers the overall tone and the amount of ringing. The overall tone ranges from the bright (higher pitch) and warm (lower pitch) while the ringing is the blending of the sustain and the overtones you hear after you hit the drumhead.

If you are unsure of the drumhead to get, you should go for something not too thick with no or probably less dampening; this is the best choice for you because it will give you a wider range of sound options depending on how you tune it and dampen it.


It refers to the strength or stamina of the drumhead and it depends on how hard you hit. If you are a heavy hitter you should go for a thicker head, usually 2-ply (ply means layer) but if you are a soft drummer go for something that is not too thick (1-ply).

The Ply (Layer)

This has to do with the number of layers of the sheet of film used in making the drumhead. Some heads are 1-ply heads, that is, they are made with a single sheet of the film while others are made with two layers of the sheet of film (2-ply).

Clear or Coated Drumhead

Clear or uncoated drum heads give a clearer, brighter sound, suitable for louder situations (e.g rock music), while the Coatedas the name implies, the top of the head is coated making it able to give a little warmer sound with a bit of overtone than clear heads. If you plan on using brushes, go for a coated drumhead because a clear-coated head is too smooth to respond to brush strokes.

How tight should a drum head be?

When tuning your drums tighten them until finger tight and be careful not to over tighten it so that the tone of the drum would not choke.

Barter Heads

A batter head is the top head of your drums that you strike with your sticks or hands, and brushes, etc. they may come in single-ply heads (1ply) or double-ply heads (2-ply). The 1-ply is usually louder, brighter but less durable than the 2-ply. The barter heads can also be coated or clear.

Coated Heads

These drumheads have their top head coated making them sound a little drier and darker because of the reduced amount of overtones than clear heads. Due to the coating, they are slightly dampened and brushes can be used on coated head drums because of its surface. They are more durable and can come in single or double-ply.


Final Thoughts on Best Drum Head For Cheap Drums

The 7 drum heads that I have listed above for you are amazing and quality options to choose from. Asides from how durable and reliable they are, they have all have specific features that you can count on as a drummer.

Remo, Evans and Aquarian companies have brought a lot of innovations into the world of drums. These manufacturers have the best drum heads and other instruments that you as a drummer will need for your drumming skills to be perfect.

However, you need to know that there are different types of drum head. We have the pre-muffled, clear or coated double-ply, single-ply drum head and many others. They all serve different functions. But you may need to pick based on your musical preference.

Finally, now you are aware that picking the best drum head is not as difficult as you think. The only problem that you can have is how to know the best drum heads. And that is what I have listed above with their characteristics, pros and cons. This is all you will need to get the best drum head for your drum.

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