Can You Practice The Drums Quietly?

The drum is a loud instrument. Though it might not be a nuisance to the drummer, those around might not find the loud sounds appealing to their ears. If you are a drummer, then you probably spend a good amount of time banging on your drum set in the basement or a special room in your home. You are probably familiar with complaints from your family, friends and even neighbours.

The key question here is, can you practice the drums quietly? The answer is yes. You can practice the drums quietly but with a bit of effort on your part. Because unlike other instruments like the piano or guitar, for instance, the sounds you make with your drums often times won’t sound melodious to those around especially if they are non-drummers (which they will most likely be).

But, if you play the guitar or the piano, people are more likely to be entertained by the tune, no matter the level of experience you have. They will be more tolerant. It is good of you to be mindful of others’ comfort and to do that, you are going to have to get innovative. I have put together a list of things you could do or try to keep the noise from getting out of your apartment. You’ll find that some are quick easy hacks, and others will cost you money. Feel free to try the most convenient option.

How Can You Practice The Drums Quietly?

Get a Practice Drum Kit

A practice drum kit is actually a nice option as it has really helpful benefits. It is light, requires no hassle to set up and also has a good sound. Normal drum sets prove to be quite complicated to set up as they have lots of screws and other components that will waste your time.

Besides the ease of setting up, it is quite portable so you can carry it around easily. Generally, the drum pads of a practice drum kit are large in size and adjustable. Alongside all these benefits, it is quiet to use. You can practice with it anytime you want. So if you want a light, portable and quiet practice option, go for a practice drum kit.

Drum Mute Pads

Dampening sound from the drum by using mute pads is also a way to play quietly. You can get them in perfect sizes for your toms, bass, snare and cymbals. They will significantly reduce the noise you make when you practice. The mute pad for the drum bass might prove to be a tad bit problematic. It does not effectively cut down the noise coming from the bass like the other pads and because of its position; your family members might be able to feel it even though they can’t hear its sound.

You might also find it hard to rehearse bass drumming techniques due to its thickness; it won’t be the same as practicing with the unmuted bass head. This is still a good option when you think of the cost and effectiveness.


Good Old Towels or Blankets

If you do not have extra cash to spend at the moment, there is something you can do to play a bit more quietly during rehearsal. Place towels or blankets over your drum set. Know that to get a reasonable amount of dampening, the towels or blanket should be thick. This might affect your rebound and the ability to work on techniques. If you use lighter towels or blankets, this can assure you of a decent level of rebound but will not do a lot in your bid to dampen the sound you produce when drumming. However, if you are on a very low budget you can stick with this till you are well able to try another viable option.

Electronic Drum Set

These days electronic drums sound great and feels similar to its acoustic counterpart. They are also affordable. Electronic drums provide a range of sounds apart from the usual snare, kick, cymbal combinations. Some persons prefer the acoustic drum kit and might not look at this option twice. Also to get a better sounding electronic drum set you cannot escape spending a little more cash. But, an electronic kit is a really great option. You get a good sound and you are less of a nuisance to your family and neighbours when you practice. Now, wouldn’t you like that?

Soundproofing your Drum Practice Room

If you have a special room dedicated to drumming and have no desire to trade your traditional acoustic drum set with any other option, then, you should consider soundproofing your practice room. It is possible to do that without spending a fortune. There are inexpensive materials you can purchase. The weather-strip tapes, for instance, can serve as an insulator for your windows and doors.

You can also decide to use fibre-glass curtains for your doors or sound-proof curtains for your windows. For the walls, there are also various options to choose from. There is the famous acoustic foam usually used in studios amongst others. You can purchase materials according to your budget and how efficient they are. You might spend a bit more in comparison to other options but it will be definitely worth it.


With the options currently available, it very possible to play a bit more quietly as much as your budget would allow. You can practice with less guilt and allow your family and neighbours to sleep peacefully when they want to. It is definitely up to you to decide which option perfectly suits you and which you will be willing to invest in.

Not everyone might have the luxury of soundproofing an entire room so they can bang on their acoustic drum set all they want. Whichever option you decide to go with, you will get substantial results and comfortable rehearsal sessions. Nothing should get in the way of your drumming now. Whether you are utilizing a practice drum kit, electronic drum kit or placing mute pads over your acoustic drum set, you have no excuse. Keep drumming!