Which Is Easier To Learn Guitar Or Drums? 2 Factors to Consider

Music forms an essential part of our existence. We express emotions and cultural diversities with lyrics, rhythm and beat. As a music enthusiast, your love for music might lead you right up to the stage of wanting to play your own instrument. The drum and guitar are two common options you will most likely come across.

So which should you go for, guitar or drums? An important thing to bear in mind is that the guitar and drums are very different instruments. They are played with different techniques and each come with their own set of perks and complications. It is not uncommon to see them being used together.

When confronted with the burden of having to choose between a guitar or drums, it is not unusual to feel confused especially if you are a beginner. Those with more experience in the world of music are aware of what it takes to play either instrument. However, if you are a beginner and considering which one to go for then you need directions before knowing the preferred path you should take.

Many a time, a band will have a guitarist and a drummer but, that does not mean than both instruments are similar. Regardless of the instrument, you decide to go for, eventually, you have to get through its specific challenges that you will experience while learning how to play it.

Should You Follow Popular Opinion?

Both instruments are important in making good and appealing music. The guitar expresses more emotion and depth to the lyrics. The drum does that too but it is associated more with upbeat music, excitement and everything rock and roll related. Your preference when it comes to songs, lyrics and meanings could possibly influence your speed of learning either instrument.

Although, this is highly subjective as instruments evoke different emotions in persons.

The answer to the question which is easier to learn is also subjective. It has been met with some popular contrary opinions by instrumentalists and equally by those with no idea how to play a thing as well. Some persons say it is easier to learn how to master basic beats when you are starting out as a drummer but moving on to the advanced level might prove to be a tad bit herculean.

In contrast, they believe moving from beginner to intermediate level is more smooth a sail for a new guitarist when he/she gets around how to make basic tunes.




Considering general opinion, a lot of persons find the drums easier to learn when compared with the guitar. This is attributed to the fact that you could practice drumming at home with furniture and other household items. With a table and two spoons, you could create a reasonable sound as long as you know basic beats and how to make rhythm.

A person learning to play the guitar, however, cannot learn with any substitute other than the guitar itself. It is also important you take time to learn about cords before you can go on to making tunes.

Guitar Or Drums: Two Factors To Consider


We are not unfamiliar with the word technique and what it means. A subtle reminder, it refers to the practical intricacies of a field or skill. Newbies might find it easier to get acquainted with drumming techniques as it doesn’t necessarily require much to hit a drum. Drums having a large surface make it easier for beginners to work on their skills. They have no need to be conscious of hitting the right place.

In contrast, a beginner learning to play the guitar cannot rise on a random morning with the ability to create a beat from available frets. He/she needs to familiarise themselves with it before they are blessed with the knowledge on how to make a simple tune. That being said, it is almost impossible to play the guitar on your first try.

Yes, it might look like a piece of cake but when you are given the chance? You will most likely not play a single tune. When it comes to getting the hang of things at the beginning, the drum is easier when compared with a guitar.


Rehearsing might be more fun for one learning to play the drums because its technique is less complicated than that of the guitar. But, the lengthy duration of practice and focus is required to get a precise sound from the drum. A drummer also needs both hands actively involved and well co-ordinated when playing. His/her hits have to be precise to get a specific sound. That might prove difficult to achieve initially for a beginner.

With a guitar, on the other hand, a newbie can know how and when to use a specific fret within a couple of days. You also require one hand to hold the guitar in place and the other to play it. In the area of practice, the guitar is easier to use.

One another thing to bear in mind is the physically explosive strength needed to play the drums. After a session of rehearsals or performance, a drummer might feel pretty exhausted.

Drumming requires more physical strength than playing the guitar. In my opinion, this should not matter as it makes for a body workout. But, if you choose to consider it, this might make the drums slightly harder to play when compared to the guitar.

Final Thoughts on Which Is Easier To Learn Guitar Or Drums

Learning to play any instrument comes with its own set of challenges and the same goes for the guitar and drum. Before you qualify for the title “great drummer or guitarist”, you would have given yourself to regular training and overcome some unavoidable challenges. What is more important is which instrument you decide to stick with.

Making that decision boils down to what you think is a perfect fit for you and which challenges you would rather handle. Both instruments are fun and exciting to play and together they give a song more appeal and zest. So, make your choice and stick with it, ready to work as much as it will take to proceed to the next level and eventually become an expert.

Keep making music!