Is An Electronic Drum Set Good For Beginners?

You have always loved drumming but you have been tossing aside the thoughts of learning how to play it for a couple of reasons. You finally decide to stop pushing the thought aside and get practising. Now all that is left is getting the perfect drum set to start your expedition into the drumming world. You are at crossroads at whether to get an acoustic drum set or an electronic set. You are at a loss at selecting which will enhance your learning process and shape you into a professional drum player.

And you’re asking yourself, “is an electronic drum set good for beginners? Well, the answer is yes. Electronic drum sets are quite beginner-friendly as they are very easy to play. As a beginner, you do not need to have prior knowledge of drumming to be able to play an electronic drum.

Let us take an in-depth look at both the electronic drum set and the acoustic drum set and figure out which is best for a beginner that just kicked off or is thinking of learning how to play the drums.

Is An Electronic Drum Set Good For Beginners?

Electronic drum sets are basically the collection of multiple pads set up in such a manner that it gives a similar construct to the regular, conventional acoustic drum set. However, without plugging or connecting the electronic drum set to an amplifier, speaker or a pair of headphones, the only sound feedback to your ears will be that of your drumsticks hitting rubber. This is not totally a disadvantage as it makes the electronic set very suitable for quiet practice. You would not love to wake your siblings, parents or neighbours in the dead of the night while practising.

Advantages of the electronic drum sets are quite a lot, however, we shall consider a few below.

  • An electronic drum set does not require tuning before you play it, as compared to the acoustic drum set. You just simply set it up, plug into your speaker, amplifier or headphones and play.
  • It does not require a high level of technical know-how for its use and maintenance.
  • In view of the fact that the electronic come in small-sized pads, it occupies less space. So if you have limited space to accommodate a conventional acoustic set, you can opt for an electronic set.
  • Most electronic drum sets come fitted with a metronome. – A metronome is a device used by drummers and musicians generally to mark time at a selected speed preferred by such musicians. This is a great advantage of the electronic drum set as compared to the acoustic drum set which does not have an inbuilt metronome.
  • One of the biggest advantages of an electronic drum set as compared to the acoustic drum set is the suitability of the electronic set for quiet or low volume practice. This can be achieved by either lowering the volume on the amplifier or totally unplugging the set from the amplifier. Another method is plugging the set into your headphones.

A big disadvantage of the electronic drum set, especially beginner drum sets, is the fact that the in-built features are limited. The number of presets available are not so much so you have limited control over individual drum samples.

Let’s take a look at a few electronic drum sets that are suitable for beginners if you are looking to kick off your learning using the electronic drum set.


  1. The Aroma TDX-15

The electronic drum set brand “Aroma” might sound strange to your ears as you are probably only very familiar with brands like Roland V-drums and the Yamaha electronic drum sets. Aroma has a wealth of experience and great prowess in the production of both beginner and electronic drum sets, as they have been in the business of producing digital sets for over two decades.

The TDX-15 is a 7- Piece set that comes with a dual-zone snare pad, a kick drum pad and pedal, three tom pads, hi-hat, hi hat pedal, crash and ride cymbals. It comes in-built with twelve presets in the sound module, which is the mitochondrion of the set. Other notable features are the USB jack, the headphone jack, an aux output connector and an output to connect to an amplifier.

  1. The TD-1K V- Drums By Roland

Roland is a very popular name when talking about drum sets, sound equipment and other music accessories. They have a very strong presence in the electronic drum market. This is as a result of their consistency in making durable, brilliant electronic drum sets for both beginners and professionals over the years. There is no way you can mention electronic set manufacturers without mentioning Roland.

The TD-1K V- Drums is a simple build, 7 – Piece electronic drum set that consist of the snare, trio tom pads, crash and ride cymbals, hit-hat and hi-hat pedal and the drum kick-stand and pedal. It also comes with an in-built tutor function which generally assists the beginner to build accuracy, speed, technique and stamina. It is also fitted with a 15- preset sound module to aid the drummer in perfecting his drumming skill.

Other worthy mentions include the DM Nitro Mesh, the Turbo Mesh Set, and the Surge Mesh, all manufactured by Alesis.

Acoustic Drum Set

The acoustic drum set consists of a combination of cymbals and different set of drums played as a single unit. An acoustic drum set is usually comprised of the snare drum, the toms and floor toms, the bass drum, the hi-hat and cymbals. The advantages include;

  • It is very suitable for high volume playing and practice.
  • It gives a natural realistic response to strikes by a drummer.
  • It is very suitable for most acoustic styles of music such as pop, rock and jazz.
  • It is very easy to maintain.

The disadvantages of playing and practising with an acoustic drum set include:

  • You might constitute a disturbance to your neighbours owing to the fact that the volume emanating from the acoustic drum set cannot be controlled like the electronic drum set.
  • The acoustic drum sets takes up more space due to its size and multiple components.
  • For you to be able to use an acoustic drum set it has to be tuned properly, and this is a skill that is gained over-time. This might pose a problem to a newbie to learning drums.

Now for the answer to the big question as to whether the electronic set is suitable for beginners, let us take a look at some angles are key deciding that fact.

If you stay with other people like parents and siblings in the same house and do not have a sound proof music room, you might want to opt for an electronic set. Also, most beginner electronic drum sets come with presets and tutors to aid learning. As good as these perks sound, there are some bad drumming habits that tend to be picked up if you learn and play for a long time with the electronic drum set.

  • Most drummers who have played on an electronic set for a long time tend to play with an awkward feel as the response to drumsticks on an electronic set is totally different from that obtained from hitting a regular acoustic set
  • It can shape a drummer into becoming an extremely loud player, causing unpleasant sounds to his listeners. This is in view of the fact that the electronic set comes with options to lower or not use volume at all. So, the drummer can play with any level of force he deems fit as he has control over the volume limit with the tap or tune of a knob. This is not the case with an acoustic set as it is the drummer that influences the volume coming from the set with control of his strikes on the set. A technique that can only be developed from playing on an acoustic set over a long period of time.
  • The way an electronic drum is built, each strike of the drumstick on the drum pad gives a bounce effect that tends to make a beginner very relaxed. In a situation where such person after learning with an acoustic set decides to play on an acoustic set, he might find it a little difficult to enjoy it, as he is already used to the feel of the electronic set.

Notwithstanding all the beautiful advantages of commencing your learning of how to play the drums on an electronic set, if you intend to build your versatility, control and technique and boost your drumming prowess, it is advisable that you either combine your practising on an electronic set with regular play on an acoustic set, or just opting for the acoustic set.