Yamaha DTX402K Review

If you are looking to get your child – or a beginner in your household – a simple and easy to use electronic drum kit to start off their drum playing journey. Then you will probably already know how much of a dilemma it is, deciding on what drum kit to choose for training and sharpening the skills of your young prospective drummer.

The Yamaha DTX402K electronic drum kit is one of many entry-level electronic kits and tabletop pads with simple layouts and great features. They also often come with training modes to develop young aspiring drum players.

It is one of those electronic drum kits worthy of consideration when looking to get a good kit that is not just suitable for beginners only but can be played and enjoyed by other classes of drummers as well.

The Yamaha DTX402K electronic drum kit is an upgrade to the DTX400 series with new and improved features including a redesigned rack to ensure the kit has better balance, the firm placing of the drum pad and a seamless personalisation of the kit to the taste and comfort of the drum player.

Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit – Acoustic…
  • Great sounds and effects available to anyone, live your passion for music with this electronic…
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The pads and cymbals on the DTX 402 series are also improved and better than those on the older 400 series, having a more crisp, natural and authentic feel to make playing and practising very enjoyable.


Structure and Feel of the Yamaha DTX402K

The Yamaha DTX402K electronic drum kit is a 5-piece electronic drum kit that sits pretty on a four-post rack. Setting up the kit for the first time is seamless and easy all thanks to the simple assembly design. Following the instructions on the assembly guide, you can set up your DTX402K in few minutes and start performing almost immediately.

The rack of the DTX402K electronic drum kit is made of steel and it has a pretty good feel to it. The rack is also very lightweight making it easy to move around. The kit can also easily be folded and tucked away all thanks to the foldability of the steel rack. This also makes it easy to move the kit around for performances as you do not need to totally dismantle the kit to take it for a gig or a mini trip.

The Yamaha DTX402K has a very sturdy and compact structure, which gives a feel and experience similar to an acoustic drum set. The snare pad, tom pads and cymbals pads on the DTX402K electronic drum kit can be adjusted to different positions and angles to the comfort of the drum player. The height of the kit is also adjustable to fit all classes of drum players from kids and beginner drum players to advanced, adult drum players.

The electronic kit comes with two-foot pedals. One for the hi-hat control, and the other for bass drum playing. It does not come with a kick tower unlike its other counterparts in the 400 series, however, the response of the pedals are pretty good enough.The Yamaha DTX402K electronic drum kit

Due to the fact that the pedals are free and not interconnected physically to any part of the electronic kit, it makes it easy for the drum player to position the pedals without limitations to any position that is suitable for him for better performance and comfortable playing of the drum kit.

All the pads on the DTX402K electronic drum kit are made out of a rubber-gum material that enhances a decent stick bounce response while reducing noise to the barest minimum. The feel you get playing on this pad is similar to what obtains playing on a regular rubber drum practice pad.

Although mesh pads are better than rubber pads, rubber pads are great also and decent enough to play and practice on.


The Yamaha DTX402K Drum Module

The Yamaha DTX402K drum module is the powerhouse and brain box of the DTX402K electronic drum kit. It has a very simple, user-friendly output with a number of control buttons to navigate and program features on the drum kit. There is no LCD screen on the module.

The drum module houses 10 fully programmable drum kits that have 287 different percussions and drum sounds to choose from. There are rock kits, jazz kits, and techno kits among others. The Yamaha DTX402K drum module also has 128 keyboard sounds and a total of 9 reverb effects.

The song library has a total of 10 play-along songs to be used and combined with the different drum kit sounds on the module. The drummer has full control of the tracks as he can easily adjust the voices and tempo of a track to his preference.


The DTX402K Coaching Feature

The DTX402K Drum Module for the Yamaha DTX 402K electronic drum kit comes fitted with ten different training modes to build and improve different aspects of the play of the beginner drummer. This is one of the great features that accompany Yamaha electronic drum kits as they are targeted at sharpening the skills of the beginner drummer.The Yamaha DTX402K electronic drum kit

The different coaching/training modes are pad gate, rhythm gate, dynamic gate, song part gate, song score gate, measure break, change up, Part mute, fast blast and recorder. Let us now delve into a few details on how each of these training modes function.

Pad Gate: In pad gate training mode, the drum pads only produces sounds when the drummer’s playing precisely matches a given practice drum pattern.

Rhythm Gate: This shares a similarity with the Pad gate mode. This coaching feature trains the drum player on precisely hitting the drum pad in correlation to a given rhythm when playing along to a song track. It is a training mode that develops the sense of the rhythm of the drum player.

The lighting on the buttons of the drum module regulates this by informing the drum player when he is either going faster than the given rhythm or dragging it

Dynamic Gate: This mode trains the drum player to control the intensity with which he strikes the pad. It has three practice levels- light, medium and heavy. The player is scored with regards to how well he hits the desired dynamics.

Song Part Gate: This feature trains the drum player to be able to play portions of built-in songs. It allows the drummer practice song parts side by side with a reference drum track, practice song patterns, or the parts of the song alone.

Song score Gate: This allows for practical training in full performances while playing along with built-in tracks.

Measure Break: This mode trains the drummer to be able to maintain the tempo of a track without the aid of a metronome. It helps the drummer to be able to still maintain tempo even in empty sections of song tracks.

Change Up: This mode allows the drummer to train seven different rhythms for two measures each. The drummer is scored based on his ability to imitate the given rhythm or not.

Part Mute: This training mode allows the drummer to train by muting any of the desired drum parts or accompanying parts that are usually heard during drum performances. The number keys on the module are used to select the drum part and tones to be muted.

Fast Blast: This mode is more like a gaming mode. The drummer has to hit the drum pads as many times as possible in a set period of time and is scored afterwards.

Recorder: This feature enables the drummer to record his performances, listen to them and even play a session with such recorded performances.

Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit – Acoustic…
  • Great sounds and effects available to anyone, live your passion for music with this electronic…
  • Play anytime of the day or night – with a headphone jack to make silent operation possible at…
  • Fun and learning go hand-in-hand: User-friendly paired apps makes practice entertaining – while…

The Mobile Applications for the Drum Kit

There is the Yamaha DTX402K touch app, which is a mobile application for both android and IOS that enhances training in more enjoyable and interesting ways. Aside from training, the app can be used to customise drum kits with the editor function.

There is also a Rec’n’Share IOS app that allows the drummer to practice with a preferred track and share the same with friends on social media.




The absence of a kicktower is a minor disadvantage in the sense that the quality of just a foot drum pedal will not be as great as that of a pedal and a kick tower. It is still decent enough for the young child or beginner and for the price is a no brainer.

Final Thoughts on the Yamaha DTX402K Review

Yamaha put a lot of work into upgrading the DTX402K drum kit from the older DTX 400 series and these improvements have shaped the kit into a brilliant kit for beginner drummers to make music with. 

With its awesome training functions and smooth user interface on the module, coupled with its very affordable price, it is a great buy for anyone looking to learn the drums.

Last update on 2022-01-18 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API